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    SOLO - 4 år jorden rundt på cykel
    This is the story of my solo bicycle journey around the World. I left Denmark on April 10, 2006 and was back in Copenhagen 1.413 days & 62.180 km later, on February 20, 2010, after crossing 53 countries on 6 continents.

    You can follow the expedition on a day-to-day basis in words & photos or navigate through the 2.000+ WT-pages via the menu to the left. We all have our dreams. This was mine...


    (Klik på Dannebrog øverst til venstre for dansk version)

    Read more about my new book here or buy it (note: it's in Danish only!): WT Expedition Day # 5678.
    Last stop: Copenhagen, Denmark!
    Next stop: ?
    Distance covered: 62.185 km (in miles?)
    Continents / Countries visited: 6/ 53
    Current altitude: 5 m

    => 1. Diary, 2. News, 3. Ramblings, 4. All WT stuff, 5. WT Day #1, 6. Latest Comments, 7. Something different, or 8. A mosaic

    Photo-highlights: Set #1 l Set #2 l Set #3 l Free HQ Photos

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    Nicolai Bangsgaard

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